Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 23 of the 21 Day No- Complaints Challenge

I can not express to you how proud I am of your accomplishments over this past 23 days of our 21 Day No- Complaints Challenge!
We are creating a movement and we are reaching out and creating a better environment for ourselves and those around us!
I can see this quickly escalating into a No- Complaints TOUR!
Yes, That is right! I can feel it in the works as I type!

I want to share my deep thanks that you embarked on this with me!
We will continue to rise up and reach our dreams!

Lets take it a step further... 21 more days of No complaining PLUS we add Being NICE on purpose!
Now that we are more susceptible to the goodness around us,
lets share it.
I challenge you to say something nice to and about everyone you meet in the next 21 days!
Even if it takes you a minute to find it, DO IT and SAY IT!
Take the time to make someone else's day better then it was before they saw you.
You are going to light up every room you enter like the GIFT you are!
Much Love!
dream Pictures, Images and Photos
dream Pictures, Images and Photos

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff

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