Sunday, September 12, 2010

You have come this far for a REASON!

I want to remind everyone that no matter how 'good' at keeping positive you get, you may run into setbacks and dissapointments. No matter how big they are, they are very important, and I am not here to minimize anyones trials. I am here to let you know that we all have them, some are more easier overcome then others, some are so hard it may seem immpossible to do. They are not, no situation is so big that we can not overcome the adversity with in it. You may not believe me now, but I am sure you have had some experience with this in your life. You have faced many things that have hurt you, brought down your spirit, and made you feel inside and out that you will never make it out of there alive. But you did, yes, you did. And I am so happy that you made it this far! You have learned so many lessons, and it is time to apply them.
How do you get yourself out of the trouble life sends you? We know it is not alchol or drugs, because you have not gotten yourself out of ANYTHING with that, infact you compounded the problem, and created a new one.
Say you are past that, or have never resorted to that and now you are faced with issues you are feeling oppressed by. WHAT THE HECK CAN YOU DO?
First, please do not pull the hair out of your head, do not harm yourself at all. Sometimes the best way to start to get out af a funk is to just be still and quiet.

I have gotten myself out of many trials . Many times with the help of beautiful people that Love me and Believe in me, and sometimes, I have done it with the help of complete strangers. But let me tell you, it rarely, if ever happens all by yourself. The problems we face every day may be our own faults, but our recovery is often inspired by others, near and far.
Lately I have been dealing with some issues that have had me feeling like a victim, a slave, a prisioner. Then I relized they are of my own making. The situation I am in is not something that someone put me in, I went into it all by myself, and have put myself in the chains. How the heck did I do that? I allowed the smallest amount of fear to turn me off the course. At first I did not realize it, infact I did not see it for a very long time (not the way I am today). At first I resisded myself and comforted myself with "Ahh I gotta do what I gotta do..." I was trying to prove to myself that I had commitment. Funny thing is I was proving I had the skill of commitment with actions that were not of benefit to my life on a whole. I am not going to say that what I have been doing is all bad or harmful, because that would be a lie. As a matter of fact, If I had not, this lesson would have been learn another way. But MARK MY WORDS>>>>I DID IT TO MYSELF!
Now I am seeing a transition happening, I am seeing that I was not always wrong in the past, when I let things go when they were uncomfortable. I just wasn't always right. I should not have quit Ballet, or acting. I should have pursued that AWESOME job I got when I was 19. I should have done many great things I had been in line for. But I did not. And that is okay. I should have walked away from destructive relationships, I should have moved from Montauk and Maine. So I did do some very beneficial 'quiting' in my day.
Now What AM I Going to do? I took a vow when I turned 30. The vow was not to allow myself to waste any of my precious time ever again. I am turning 39 this October, and I have to say, on a whole, I have done pretty darn good with that. I am not all the way there yet, but I am VERY close.
Now that I see the whole picture, and have the faith that I can accomplish this, I can leave my worries of late behind. I must keep on as if there is no one that can stop me (because, there really is no one that can).
So over the next few weeks (or more or less), you will be seeing a lot more entries into this here blog. They will be focused on Affirmations in the beginning, I am not sure how it will all come out, But I am DETERMINED to CHANGE any negative mindset I allow to creep in. May hap we can help each other, may hap my PUSH will help you to PUSH.
Many Motivational people and successful people always want us to write down a 100 things we want to accomplish. They are on to something. It is hard, but it is true. Remember that those that have made it to a place of peace and success go through all of the same things we do (many time they are worse)! They have challenges as well. The difference is WHAT they do about it, and how long they allow it. Lets write our list of 100 things we desire to see manifest in our lives. Then break it down to today, this week, this month, the quarter, this season, this year, five years, ten years.... on and on.
Make a promise to yourself right now..."I will not allow anything, anyone, or any situation bring me to a place that does not benefit my list, that leaves me feeling like a victim." LET US MAKE THE CHANGE! Do not wait, do not hesitate, do not put it off for one more minute. Downsize your problems so you can deal head on with the ones that need your attention. You can do it, and so can I!
I love you!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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