Thursday, September 9, 2010


I haven't written in a while. It has been a challenging past few weeks (seems to stretch out for the past few months) I know I am not alone. Some of you have been going through much bigger and harder issues then I for more then a year.
I just want to offer up some words of encouragement, for you and for me. These times are hard and we have to strengthen ourselves, use these times as a training ground for the harder times that seem to be promised to us. We have all of our lives to prepare for now, and we have now to prepare for our future. I have been honing my skill of positivity for a very long time, and I am much better at it then many people I know, others are even better at it then me. SO I am thinking about, "What is it that they are doing that gives them the 'happiness' edge?" One of my first observations is, they are beeline focused. They want a better life, and work diligently at it. They remain grateful for the life they have and push towards their purpose with a tenacious spirit and dedicated mind. They are learners, and the truth does not stop or hurt them, the see the truth in the truth, and the truth is, the pain will be over, it will end. Another thing I have noticed about people that are connected to their happiness, is that they CHOOSE to live simpler then those who claim 'riches'. I am not going to imply that they are poor or have found comfort in poverty, I am saying that they willing let go of insignificant material aspirations. Their idea of success is very different from the norm. If they are not driving a BENTLEY, they are not destroyed, they do not view Bentleylessness as a down fall or a faller. They take care of their bodies and their minds. They read and run. They practice meditation and simplify. I am not saying that someone is bad or wrong or unhappy because of their riches, what I am implying is that they could even be happier. I read a few months back that some CEO of some company turned down some huge raise. People thought he was a hero. I thought to my self.. what a slave! If he wanted to really do something for others, he would have taken that raise and used it to help someone, or many. I am not sure of the dettials of this company, but say they have 100 manufacturing employees, and their jobs are always in the balance based on profits of the company. He could have divided that raise up in to 100 parts and started a significant trust for each of them. Instead he left the money on the table for the board of directors to decide what to do with it. Those 100 jobs are probably already gone and the money was probably made into bonuses for the remaining executives.
Now what should people do? I do not know. What do I think may be a good step in the right direction? That is different for each of us. We all have different back grounds and histories. May hap what we need to look at is what really stresses us out and do something about that. Do we have anxiety about how we are going to provide for our families? Do we have housing security issues, like millions of Americans today? Do we work really hard a t a job that we hate, just to bring in pennies compared to what you need?
What I am saying is , I have made some decisions that I do believe will help me to lead a happier life and a more meaningful existence.
1~Physical health is vital
2~Mental health is vital
3~Financial health is vital
4~Relationship health is vital
So how can I make all of those things more prominent in
my life?
1~ Exercise, eat right, train
2~Read, meditate, exercise
3~make more money.. How? Start with eliminating what I do not NEED. Start a Business.
4~ Build and nurture healthy relationships with family and friends.
One of the most effective ways to do all of those things is Gardening. It exercises the body, calms the mind, provides essentially free food, and it can be done with family and friends.
Be Blessed

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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