Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get in Position!

Hello Everybody!
Let me tell you, I am very excited to be in this time of my life! So many amazing things are happening!
As you know, I am dedicated to empowering you to achieve the best in your lives. I was thinking about how I can be more helpful and informative, and I decided that I need to get myself more training, so that I can share valuable information. The training I am doing is to increase my knowledge in business, and how to make a success out of being a business owner. I will be keeping you updated on my progress, and share with you the things I learn as I go. Together we can reach new heights!
Over the past two weeks I have seen that a friend of mine has decided to take matters into his own hands. he has decided to open his own business! He is operating an Organic Luxury soap business out of his apartment kitchen! Let me tell you, I could not be happier for him! I can see that he is going to have much success with this and soon we will be reading his story in top trade publications! See, it is never too late to make a stand in your life, and he is an example of it. I am very excited to watch him grow and become the greatest success he can be! If you are connected with me on Face Book, you will see me post about his company. He is truly remarkable and so are his soaps!

I encourage you all to find your niche. Figure out what kind of business it is you would like to own. Pick the avenue that is best for you, whether you find a Multilevel Marketing company you would love to invest in, or to develop your own. One thing I must insist is that you utilize the Internet, no matter which way you go. Get on Social networking sites, Brand yourself! Remember people only by from people they like, people that can relate to, so get out there and develop relationships. Have value in your interaction. Give value in your posts. And remember never to SPAM anyone! If they have not sent you a request about your business, do not send them a personal message about it. This will get you reported as spam, and you will loose your accounts! it is very difficult to rebuild a quality friends list. So do it right the first time!
Position yourself as a leader by offering good free advice. Help people to get in touch with their possibilities. Set a positive example. Soon you will see that people will want to know how you get paid, how you achieve your level of success. They will come to you!
Find others that inspire you, and learn from them. get as many mentors as possible. They will help you through the hard and good times, and nurture your motivation.
REMAIN positive!
No one wants to be friends with someone that constantly brings them down (unless that is just the company they want to keep). Give no more value to the hard things that come into your life! Don't fall for the pity trap. Instead use the hard times as a measure of how far you have come. You are creating testimony, and developing your own success story!
Remember, perception is REAL! If people see you as a person that is constantly going through hard times, complaining and blaming, they will not even consider purchasing your products, or joining your team. They are trying to uplift themselves, and that just can not be done when we are so self absorbed that all we do is say 'why me'. They will delete you and move on. They will find someone else to enroll them, they will purchase someone else's products. They will seek out the leader, and leave you behind. Remember, "A curse can not harm you if there is no cause."
Develop yourself and get in position to receive!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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