Sunday, July 11, 2010


Good morning! GOOD MORNING! What a blessed day this is indeed! This morning I got up and said to myself...'What are you going to do with the money that financial freedom will afford you, Tara?' I smiled.. YES I SMILED! There are many things I will not do, but as you know, I will not give that any weight here. WHAT WOULD YOU DO, TARA?
First thing is obvious:
1~ Quit my JOB, Fire my Boss! I will no longer need to punch a time clock, or sell my self way too cheaply to any company. My responsibilities would come from MY appointments, MY commitments, MY design.
2~ I will dedicate my time and money to help empower more and more people. I will be a shining example of what wealth truly means.One thing I thought of the other day, was to be able to give low or no interest loans to people that want to join my business and gain financial freedom. I will be very happy to be able to do that! Imagine! Creating other millionaires is a very important thing! IMAGINE being in a position to pay a livable wage to a qualified person! Imagine 10 people! 20 people! Imagine the benefit you can bring to YOUR COMMUNITY! Sure, there are things that you still want to do for yourself, there are thing you are going to want your children to do for themselves; but the things you do not want to do anymore, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT!IMAGINE HAVEING AN ASSISTANT, a PROJECT MANAGER! Oh I can! I see it now!!!
3~I will travel, Oh Yes, I will Travel! I am in a conundrum of sorts. I am going on a Cruise with my Dad and his Wife this September! Fantastic right! INDEED it is! I will travel to a country I have never been to before! I will experience a wonderful time and enjoy the beaches if the Caribbean! I also have an opportunity to reconnect with a very old friend and travel with her to the Dominican Republic this October. Can you IMGAINE spending 9 days in an ALL INCLUSIVE resort with 5 pools, multiple restaurants, Miles of sandy beach? I CAN! If I were to be totally attached to my job, I would not be able to realize this. IMAGINE telling your boss that you are taking two vacations in less then a months time! Imagine having enough money to be able to accomplish this and MAINTAIN your studies and your HOME!I CAN! I can imagine it clearly! I can imagine showing up in the Dominican Republic with a beautiful tan I got from Jamaica, The Caymans, and Cozumel! I can imagine waking and strolling down to the beach to take a morning swim. I can imagine sipping Coronas with sand in between my toes! I can imagine snorkeling and dancing and singing, and laughing. I CAN IMAGINE! I can imagine traveling someplace new every month for the rest of my life! I DO NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR RETIREMENT TO ENJOY MY LIFE!
4~I can imagine going down to Myakka City, Florida, and presenting a HUGE MONETARY gift to B.U.D.D.I.E.S. Rescue. I can imagine the benefit that gift will have on the Family that gives unwanted or discarded dogs a chance at a new life! I can IMAGINE the looks on Keith Wandell's face! His children's faces and His wife's face, when they realize that all of their hard work has paid off! When they realize that they can help more and more people connect with beautiful dogs! When the possibility of utilities being shut down is a problem of their PAST! When they realize that they do not have to spend any more precious time fundraising. They will be free to do their blessings with out worry! I CAN IMAGINE!
5~ I can imagine sending my daughter to the school of her dreams! I can imagine her being able to focus on her dreams, and not worry about a JOB. I can see her WORKING on her wealth, and discovering her value! I can IMAGINE traveling with her to amazing places where she will have many opportunities to develop her creativity! I can imagine leaving her a LEGACEY!
6~I can imagine speaking to thousands of people! I can imagine standing in front of an audience full of people that are ready to take control of their destinies. I can see my self helping them to achieve greatness in their lives.From school auditoriums to Stadiums, I see myself sharing my story, and inspiring others to reach for their dreams! I CAN IMAGINE!
7~I can imagine finding houses and making them beautiful homes for people that never thought they would ever have one. I can imagine that I could help people realize that being safe in their home is a reality for them. I can IMAGINE helping people come off Section 8 housing, where their constitutional rights are always hanging in the balance. I can IMAGINE giving people some privacy, and hope for their future!
8~ I can imagine living in a beautiful Home, surrounded by luscious gardens and a gorgeous earth filter pool! I can imagine myself not having to pay for utilities because my home is POWERED by the SUN and WIND! I can IMAGINE paying only for the things I want to.. Not because I NEED them. I can IMAGINE being free from any government dependence!I can IMAGINE raising my own food! I can imagine having big dinners and inviting many people to come share with me! I can imagine helping schools and youth organizations to break their dependence on processed foods! I can Imagine helping them to plan food gardens, and develop better and more affordable ways to feed their children! I will Be there when the SODA machines are removed from schools! I will be there when Purified Water fountains are installed! I will be there when children will be able to have a sense of self sufficiency when they eat pizza made in their own pizza oven from foods they grew! I will be there when Parents see a change in their children's behavior! I will be there when Parents and Children create their own family gardens! When they cut their EBT cards in HALF! When they say NO MORE DO I NEED TO BE WORRIED! I will be there! I CAN IMAGINE!

There are many things that I can imagine, but for now, I hope this helps you to Imagine your Dreams and Your destiny! Much Love to you all!!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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