Friday, June 18, 2010


How do we train ourselves to maintain position? Especially when we have spent a considerable amount of time keeping ourselves out of position.

We need to allow ourselves to be come students, as well as teachers. We must be coachable. We must be vigilant in our pursuit of new knowledge. The kind that makes us feel good. There are thousands of book and websites that are geared to helping us reshape our MIND SET. MIND SET is key to our success.
Today I am going to talk about MIND SET.
When we have the mind set of poverty and negativity, we continually attract poverty and negativity into our lives. Yes, we ACTUALLY manifest it into our own reality. Today, when you go to work, take a look at the people that are excelling at work. Are they doing just a little bit more then everyone else? Do they show negative attitudes about work? Or do they arrive enthusiastic and motivated to do a better job then before?
On the other hand, observe those that do not do so well at work... are they constantly complaining? Are they defensive? Do they always talk about lack and how much Lack they have in there lives? Do they BLAME it on their JOB?
Now think about their language...what do they say? Is there speech filled with negativity? Do they constantly point out the negative in others? Do they constantly point out the negative they perceive in themselves? BE AWARE of these people. They are miserable and need company. DO not allow yourself to attach to their MIND SET.

REMEBER... In the beginning it will be difficult to reset your Mind set. It take practice, diligence, discipline, and drive.
Why are you here today? Are you reading this blog just because you are curious or did you say to yourself..."there might be something in there I can use to encourage myself to BE my fullest potential. Resetting your mind set is a daily thing. Most of us work at it. Teachers need teachers, coaches need coaches, Doctors need Doctors, Lawyers need lawyers, Spiritual Leaders need Spiritual leaders. The process of Creating the MIND SET YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE is LIFE LONG. It does not happen over night. It will take time. The level of your gratitude and happiness is indirect correlation to the level of Gratitude and Happiness you experience on a daily biases.
We need to live ON PURPOSE. There is a huge amount of free will involved with creating the mind set you need to achieve.
So what are the characteristics of the MIND SET of success? Real success, not just fancy cars and big houses (there are a few of those people around that have all of that but have lost touch with their happiness).
The ones that have the ability to make the best of ever situation and manifest more beneficial situations are able to correct themselves. They are able to reach deeper, and keep on track. They are able to recognise that every situation is a tool to learn more, achieve more, and realize more. What the 'More' is is up to them. They KNOW this. This KNOWLEDGE is ingrained into the fibers of their mind. They are able to move past rejection. The MIND SET of those that succeed is IRON.
1~GRATITUDE: Have deep Gratitude for the things that you have in your life,Have Gratitude for WHERE you are in your life. KNOW that this position is in place so that you can move to the next one. Which direction you choose is entirely up to you!
2~FOCUS: Incorporate your desires into your Gratitude. Be GREATFULL (deeply) for what you see for your future. KEEP YOUR MINDS EYE ON THE PRIZE!
3~ VISION: Develop the ability to IMAGINE your goals as already being true. There are some fun ways of doing this. Write lists, make collages, leave yourself notes. Paint pictures.
4~ENJOY: We must find joy. We must create happiness. Watch funny movies, listen to children laugh. SMILE all the time. There is a direct correlation between the feeling of Joy and the Physical reaction it has in your body. Have you evr noticed how a smile causes you to smile? Well, start smiling. When others start to smile around you, the INTENTION of happiness grows exponentially all around you! The combined force of happiness creates even more happiness.

I have an exercise for you (I am doing it too).
Get a note book or a legal pad, two pens, one with Black ink and one with Green ink (or not you can make this up as you go :)
Draw a line down the center of the paper, from top to bottom.
Ont he left side List all of the things you do not like in your life right now.
On the other side of the line in the green ink, I want you to write the opposite.... For Instance:
I hate paying bills..............I LOVE TO PAY MY BILLS ONTIME.

And so on... When you are done, take a pair of scissors and cut the paper on the line you drew. Take the piece that has all of the negative things on it and say to yourself.... I am so happy to rid myself of this. Then destroy it, how every you like, just destroy it, smile when you do it, feel the release.
With the side that remains, the positive side, duplicate it, write it down again and again, photocopy it, draw pictures on it tape it to your bathroom mirror, put it on a card (or several) read it every morning! Read it every time you feel yourself slipping, read it with happiness and gratitude. Do that over and over again. Do not stop.. PRESS forward!
See you at the top!!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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