Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Parable

Think of your life as a garden....
First you see where you want your garden to be, you have picked the spot! You have chosen an area that gets lots of good natural sunlight and the soil is rich in nutrients, So what do you do now?

You should draw a plan for your garden, placement of the seeds you will sow is essential to the success of your garden.

You get some tools together, a spade, a tiller, a metal rake.
You go to the chosen spot ( were you want your life to be) and you dig up all of the grass or weeds that are growing there ( BREAKING GROUND). You use the rake to smooth out the newly dug ground and you remove all of the rocks ( obstacles) and put them aside. You till the ground with your tiller (activating the soil for the best growth). ALL OF THIS INVOLVES SWEAT!

Next, you pick out the seeds. You pick the best Heirloom seeds, you find the seeds that will grow the best and most favorite vegetables for you. You choose the seeds very carefully and you follow the instructions and plant them accordingly.

Next you get out the hose and put the soft sprinkle attachment on it ( so you do not ruin your seed placement) and water the garden.

EVERYDAY you go out to the garden and inspect the bed. You carefully remove ALL WEEDS that try to grow and choke your prized seedlings (your DREAMS). You water and you add fertilizer ( the good stuff, no chemicals) and you do this EVERY DAY. WHY?? Because you know with all of your heart and scientific knowledge that you will have all the fruits of your desire (FAITH).
Sometimes you will see bugs, some of them are good for your garden ( positive affirming thoughts) and some are bad for your garden( negative thoughts and poisonous attitudes). What do you do with the bad bugs???
YOU INTRODUCE MORE GOOD BUGS TO YOUR GARDEN! You go and gather PRAYING MANTISIS and add them to your Garden. You do not worry about how to rid the bad bugs, YOU JUST ADD MORE GOOD BUGS!
In it's season, the garden will bear the fruit you have planted. WITHOUT A DOUBT, it will Bear Fruit!
Make sure that it is the Fruit you desire, or you will be stuck with the fruit you do not like.. may hap fruit you are even allergic to.
With much LOVE and FAITH!

Best regards,
Tara Woodruff
Health and Wealth Consultant

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