Friday, June 11, 2010

A new Day!

Today is a new day! We get to start fresh! We can tie up the loose ends from yesterday, and step towards tomorrow! You are in position to bring your best to TODAY! You will be amazed at the strength and power that is with in. You will begin to see the truth of it all. The truth is, we have choices. We have the ability to weed out the negative influences in our life, we have the ability to rise above and meet the challenges that will help us to forge a new mettle in our souls. I met a girl yesterday that had this FANTASTIC idea! Do you know what she did right after telling it, and receiving praise? She immediately gave every reason why it would not work! Who taught her to do that? Most importantly, why does she allow herself to? I talked with her after, and said to her that if she stops negating everything she does and says, she will be the best person she could be. I told her that she has EVERYTHING she needs, and to never DOUBT it. I hope she listened to that as hard (if not harder) then she listened to whom ever taught her to question her success!

I can do this, WITH OUT A DOUBT!
You can DO THIS,
without a DOUBT!

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