Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cleaning House

Good day!! I have been having some experiences that were blocking me from my fullest potential, and since I am in pursuit of helping people reach there's, I decided I had better do some house keeping.
Some of you may know that I have been in contract on a nice little house for about 6 months. I am putting that to sleep. There is something wrong with the whole deal (many red flags), and I have chosen to move on and start a new search for a new Home to purchase. I was allowing my emotions to decieve me and holding on too hard to a deal that is not in my best interest. It is often difficult to see past our emotions to the real heart of the matter, but we must be vigilant and do some cleaning up as we go.
I am not going to beat myself up about this, because I know it is best. I am not even up set, I actually feel liberated!
The whole situation has taught me a lot about buying a home, and I intend to use this as a tool when I am going for the next one. I am very excited about looking for more and choosing the right one for me and my family!
These lessons learned will benefit me in other areas in my life. I am very humbled about how the messages come to us. I find it amazing how , if we just stop and really think about things, we can clear the clutter and make room for bigger and better things.
I have had a very challenging week and have found a lot of beauty and growth in those challenges. I have been inspired by my family and my friends.
When things aren't going as planned, we need to sit back and take a look at what is happening and what power we hold over it. Are we unintentionally (or Intentionally) putting road blocks in front of our path? Often times that is the case. the universe gives us signals, and we must watch and look and decipher those signals. They help us to get the path clear so we can move forward to our next greatness. Do not ever beat yourself up and wallow in self pity, that does not serve you. Roll with the punches, and learn.
We have everything we need to make it. We have all the tools necessary to develop and grow. For some it is harder to see past the pain of the moment or the past, but it can be done.
Know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE in the struggle! What will set you apart, is how you deal with it and emerge from it. No matter how great your life is ( or how UN great) you will be faced with MANY challenges. they are designed to help you get even better. To bring you to new HIGHS!
DO NOT FOCUS ON THE BAD: Instead focus on the solution! ASK for help! Seek and you shall find! Sow and you shall REAP! be deeply greatful for all that is earned, all that is given. Be the BEACON! Share the Light!

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