Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As May comes to a close, I am reflecting on how I applied my choices. How did I behave, and was it in accordance with my potential and my desire? Did I reach for the stars? Did I conduct myself in the manner in which I feel the best? Have I made good use of my time? Did I learn anything? Have I made positive connections with people? The answer is yes.
We all have faced our share of challenges this month. The question is ... do we allow challenges to be a blockade to our dreams and desires or do we take the golden nuggets out of every situation and apply them to ourselves in a positive manner? Do we let the life's unpleasant surprises dictate to us our outcomes?
In order for us to stay strong during trying times, we must not be afraid to ask for help to keep us strong. We must reach out to others and seek support in pursuing our dreams. Never listen to naysayers. Eliminate anyone form your daily interaction that does not encourage you to succeed. Block them out of your thoughts. Instead, seek others that are improving, reaching, and demonstrating action into their lives. Find the Mentor in those people. Invite mentors into your life. Take every step you can towards your goals. Do not allow set backs to decide weather or not you will continue. It is not what happens to us that creates character, it is what we do with it that catapults us toward our full potential.
Be vigilant for your sake! Be vigilant for the sake of others. Lead by example. You never know who your are positively affecting. You never know who is looking to you for inspiration. When you give up.. when you throw in the towel, you are not only disappointing yourself, you are letting others down as well.
When you find your self complaining, you are sending negative energy all around. Dismiss your complaints and take action MASSIVE ACTION to improve your quality of life! The more you give of yourself the more you get back. If you are giving the negative of yourself.. that is what is attracted to you. If you give the positive of yourself, MORE positive things are attracted to you!
SO now that June is at our door, make a commitment to yourself to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. SMILE MORE, LAUGH MORE LEARN MORE! Build yourself UP! Everyday, make a positive change in your life. Practice being who you desire to become.

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