Thursday, June 10, 2010

CALL to action!!!

I have some questions. I need help with this one. My daughters Boyfriend went to his High School Graduation ceremony today. He was all dressed to the nines.. and so was Sara. He has met much adversity in his young life, but always makes the best of it, He recently moved in to my house because of very unfavorable situation where his Mom stays. He has been traveling 30 miles everyday by bus to get to school. He has been vigilant and tireless in his pursuit. Many members of his family flew in from New York to watch him Graduate today. He was to be the first to walk down the isle and receive his diploma.
When he arrived.. in his cap and gown.. he was turned away. The reason... a half a credit... no notice. No warning. He was at school yesterday, no one said a word.. they let him build up , they let him believe.. they tore his heart out.
I am sitting here Powerless to make it right. He is in the room with Sara crumbling. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO HIM? How is it possible to bring a person there? Why would someone do that.. especially in the school system. What is wrong with this world?
I called the school board and they directed me to the Principal. I called to speak with the Principal, and of course she was conducting the ceremony so I had to leave a message. What I am asking is , can we have MANY MESSAGES on her machine about how and why she did this to this bright young man. Her name is Patricia LaVoy Fuller her number is 727-507-4730.Arsenio DeBouse is the students name!


  1. That was just mean and uncalled for. They could have let him walk the stage and handed him a note that he would have to attend summer school to make up the half credit, which by the way they often do in cases like this.

  2. I agree Angela! So much is stacked against these children, even with all their opportunity and it breaks my heart to even think about how they single handedly tried to break his spirit. I will not allow it. I will fight for him as if he were my own son. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support! Much LOVE!