Monday, May 17, 2010

Look to yourself!

As I sit here reflecting on how the last few days went, I felt the need to share. For those of you that have never read my blog, or known me personally, I will tell you how I am. I am very enthusiastic, but not to a fault. It is because I CHOSE to be happy and I chose to be moving forward. I am in the most amazing part of my life. I FINALLY have the tools I need and the confidence to realize it. I am not going to sugar coat it, my life is hard. Why? Because I am doing my thing, and sometimes we have to sacrifice some comforts to get to where we were meant to be. Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted that bicycle? Or that day with the family at the beach, or that ice cream cone? Remember how hard we used to focus, how hard we used to try to gain what we wanted? We would stop at nothing... we would cry, beg, and, as we got older we would save, and plan! I do, I remember my favorite place in the whole world was the local public pool or the beach. NOTHING would stop me during the summer from getting there. No rain, no NOTHING would get in the way from going swimming!
My Mom worked A LOT! I was left to my own devices, so I got up every morning during summer break and got on my bike and road to the Town Pool, or the beach. I would ride for miles through all sorts of traffic to get there. On one particular day, I was riding to the town pool. I had a set of large hills I needed to go down to reach town, then I had to navigate my way a few more miles after I cleared town. I was coming down the last hill and was coasting at a good speed. As I rode, I looked at the traffic always assessing how the people in the cars were going to act. My home town does not have traffic lights and such so awareness was even more important.
When I realized that I had made it through the most dangerous part of the first leg of my journey (two lane highways intersecting with just one stop sign) I lightly pulsed my brakes as I approached the beginning of town. I saw that there was some oncoming traffic but all was good. No one had their turn signals on. As I was about to pass the entrance to a hotel, a car pulled into the parking lot. They never saw me and I did not see them. Because of the lack of use of their signals, my bikes front tire hit the side of their trunk... Both of us moving. I went over the top of the trunk and landed, the bike was tossed a long ways away. What do you think I was thinking about????
I will tell you... I was thinking about getting to the POOL. Was my bike ride able?? Would they tell my MOM that I got hurt?? Could I continue to ride??? I WAS DEAD FOCUSED ON GETTING TO MY DESITNATION REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES!
What did I do?? I got up... brushed my self off, found my bike, BEGGED the people in the car NOT TO TELL, and rode off to my destination (albeit shakily)!
So the moral to my story, we have a lot to learn from ourselves. We have much inspiration to find with in. Till this day, I had never thought about that day in such a way... I had never realized that it was a lesson in DETERMINATION.
Focus, go and achieve... NO MATTER what tries to stop you!
Be Blessed!

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  1. This is an excellent example of how we can look within to find some valuable truth! Thank YOU!