Sunday, May 2, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

What a day! What a week! This is some amazing stuff going on in my life! I feel myself lifting higher, closer to my goals while living my dreams! I have so many miraculous happenings manifesting in my life! I am about to become a First Time Home Buyer! ( I say that because it will not be my last :) I have the most beautiful child one could ever dream for. I have the most wonderful family! I am in awe at the amount of love that I feel when I think of them. I sit here in amazement at all of my blessings! I am deeply grateful for all that I have had, all that I do have, and all of the opportunities yet to come! I am grateful in advance, and feel the joy of my dreams breathing life into my days and nights. My body is getting stronger, healthier, sexier, and in sync with Balance. My spirit is thriving. I am humble to the wonder of it all. My impact on my surroundings is Positive and beautiful. I radiate LOVE and contentment. I bring peace to every space I inhabit. I love to be inspired as much as I love to inspire! I see all of the beauty of the world; the fractals in the sunflower. I am blessed to be here right NOW!

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