Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning! I want to share with you all about my first few weeks in the Business of Ardyss International. I want to share with you how it has affected my health, increased my wealth, and has given me the opportunity to make DRASTIC changes in my life.
First I want to talk about my experience with MLMs. It seems that a few people have joined MLMs Before and probably did not have much success or minimal success. Hard work and Smart works does not always pay off like we Imagine it to, or hope it to. Two years ago I joined a Prominent Multi Level Marketing Company. I worked the business, and was very busy with it for a year. The products were great, the impact using the products were significant in improving health. There was a major problem... the amount of time and effort it took did not equal the amount of money that was being made. We had conference calls to bring prospects to and many times the organiser did not show, or were very late. This made it difficult to relay to a potential customer how serious I was about this business and making money. There were also hidden agendas in the Compensation Plan, and it was extremely difficult to bring in a significant amount of money. I was working my Business with them and did it for a year before I left. They always say give your business a year, and that did not work with this company. I had very little success. My BIGGEST check, was my first Check. It was $74.
I was leery about joining any other MLMs for the reason that I was AFRAID of spending more then I made with a company. Auto ships are part of how we become successful, but when an auto ship is more expensive then even the best of us can make, it hardens our hearts to making any future commitments to other business's.
While I was with this company, I did have a chance to meet some very wonderful women and men that were ready to help me be successful in my Business. Two in Particular stand out to me. These two women were there for me to talk to potential business partners, they were there for me , even though they did not earn any money from my efforts. I maintained a friendship with them and paid attention to what they did with their lives. We all ended up leaving that MLM around the same time. I remember saying to my daughter, "I will follow those women into any business!".
I saw that they were interested in this new business ARDYSS International. I called Lenika Scott to discuss the business and the opportunity. I was still very skeptical even though I had great faith in Lenika. So I waited and I watched. In a few short months, I witnessed Lenika rise to the highest rank in Ardyss International. I still waited and still watched, I just did not have the money to join or the confidence to really believe I could make a go of it. Then.... one day, i did have the money, and I made contact again. I was sent a copy of one (yes I said 1) check stub for the month of November. Get ready...... it was for $55,000!!!!! For just one month!!! I was floored! Her smallest check with Ardyss was $160! I had never made even that amount with that other company (not even half that amount).
So I signed, I committed to an Auto Ship, I made the change and took my chance.

I have now been with Ardyss International almost 2 months. In my first month I made $239.00!! This month so far ( we get paid weekly) $137.00!!! In my first week of my second month! This is about what I make at my Part Time job with Publix! The money is real! I have literately doubled my income! I am on my way to making BIG MONEY! I am In position to be very successful at this business!
Not only have I doubled my current income, I have lost 10 lbs! I have gone from a size 20 to a size 16 ! I have done it naturally with out DRUGS, DIETS, or Heavy Exercise. I had suffered from back pain and carpal tunnel, and tendinitis (because of my job at Publix) and was unable to do Yoga (which I LOVE) and was in constant Pain. Being a Part Timer, I could not afford any Insurance that Publix has to offer, so i just suffered, wearing a elbow brace and a Back Brace to work to try to protect myself form any further injury( I no longer wear them!!). I am still Young! I am 38!I want to learn to surf, I want to do things and enjoy them with out pain. In my company we have a Flag Ship Product, and it is the BODY MAGIC. I have been wearing this every day ( I have even dropped 3 sizes in that!) and I have NO BACK PAIN, My wrists and Elbows are healing and no longer give me pain. I can write letters again ( was was not able to write for longer then a couple of paragraphs with out having to stop).
I was severely over weight, unable to feel comfortable in nice clothes, so I spent the better part of my free time in pajamas. I hurt to go on walks, I could not preform Downward Facing Dog, I was just getting larger and larger. My physical injuries from working to hard, were stopping me from doing normal activities. I could not walk my dogs for fear that I would not be able to hold them if they pulled. My life was becoming nothing but work and pain. There was way too much month and not enough Money. Way too much Labor and Not enough exercise. THIS HAS CHANGED! I can now go for walks, write letters and do YOGA with out causing further damage to my Body. This fall I plan on Going on a vacation with my daughter, and I am going to take surfing lessons!
The impact I have on others is amazing even to my self. I have positively impacted more then a few women in a positive way. One women of 3 children has lost 20 lbs! Another has changed her total outlook on her life in the matter of TEN minutes! The list goes on. My daughter has also lost 10 pounds and 2 dress sizes. The results are permanent! The results are AMAZING!
I encourage EVERYBODY to join this company! I encourage all of you with hopes and dreams to take MASSIVE ACTION now! I will help you, I will coach you, and I will support you in your business! My leaders are amazing, I have constant support and training. My business gets stronger everyday, and so does my BODY. I am on my way to the TOP, and I want you to join me, Lets go together! Lets Make this HAPPEN! THE TIME IS NOW!

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  1. I wish you the best! I will send everyone I know your way! You are insirational! Thank you Tara!