Thursday, May 27, 2010


Good Morning World!
If you did not notice, it is a good day! i am inspired to write this morning because of the dream I had last night. It was a wild dream! Last night I prayed for more faith, I prayed for more strength, I prayed for assistance in making my dreams come true. Through out the whole dream there were symbols of this manifesting in my life. As you may know, one of my goals is to lose weight and gain a healthier life. In this dream I was thin and fit! I was amazed! I touched my stomach ( in the dream) and it was flat! My legs were strong and shapely, my arms were strong , I had my perfect body!
As you may know, I am working diligently on freeing myself financially. I am seeking independence and wealth. In my dream, every time I went to buy something, I got really good deals. I know it sounds funny, but I was buying things like TVs! My Home was beautiful, money was flowing out of my pockets! I was in the perfect place.
So I woke this morning feeling like a million bucks! My Faith has reached new heights, my drive has gone up a notch, My inspiration has strengthened itself!
What is stopping you?
What is standing in the way between you and your mission? Is it FEAR? Fear of rejection? Fear of losing it all? Fear of knowing how to act or what to do? Is it Fear that you will be alone? It is time to BANISH FEAR! Write it down... FEAR four letters. What is Fear? NOTHING!! Fear is a mind killer! fear is not real, it is a made up human affliction that is put in place in your mind that you use to limit yourself.
It is TIME to get some FAITH! Time to create a MISSION! Time to live the best life! Time to get motivated! Time to make YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!
NEED HELP??? Well, ask for it!

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