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Why we can't lose weight!

The Real Reason You can't lose Weight!
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1~ We give up too soon! We want to see results as soon as possible. Over 39% of people polled by Fitness Magazine said they would quit their exercise and diet program if they did not see significant results in two weeks! I think that number may be a little low. There is not a woman I know that has not struggled with yo-yo diets and exercise fads. I have seen more stair masters used as clothes dryers then I have actually seen being used in my friends and associates homes ( I am guilty of this as well).

2~ When we see how hard it is to maintain our new shape (when we do actually continue) we Quit. How many women and men have you known to reach their goal only to revert back into their old ways and gain their old shape back? From women with Lap bands to Hard core dieters... again and again, the results slip away. Not only is this very unhealthy for a person to put their body through the stress of extreme gain and loss, it discourages us and crushes our will power.

So what do we do? How can we put the yo-yo dieting and trendy exercise programs to rest?

~ Make your exercise program a part of your life style. Go for walks with your family, friends,dogs! Try Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, incorporate time for these activities, rotate them to prevent boredom. These things will help reduce stress and enhance your health. They are also practical...

~ Make good choices when eating. Do not deprive yourself of foods you love! Make changes in preparation. Home cooked meals are healthier for you. They have less added harmful ingredients. For example, look up recipes to you favorite foods, don't buy them frozen, make it a family affair to cook a healthy Pizza or Hamburger. This is one of the major down falls to Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Frozen food, fast food have been proven to be unhealthy for you. So why would you eat frozen meals to get healthy? Learn to love to eat food, not feel guilty about it. Food helps nourish our bodies, remove the foods that you eat that HARM your body. Go slow, don't over whelm yourself with deprivation. Remember, one step at a time and the stair case is much easier to transcend then trying to fly up it .

~ Introduce essential Vitamins and minerals into your diet. When your body has the nutrients it needs, hunger comes much less often. Got to to see Ardyss Internationals full line of Nutritional supplements!

~ Purchase and wear your BODY MAGIC. You will not only see INSTANT results, you will feel LONG TERM results. The first time you wear your Body Magic, you will instantly feel and look better, people will notice, you will find your co-workers, friends, and family asking you if you had lost weight! THE FIRST TIME! After 4 to 6 weeks you will find many inches and pounds gone and may need to purchase another SMALLER Body Magic. Wear it when you work, cook, eat, play, exercise, and the Body Magic will help you reach your goals.

~When you get to your ideal Body Shape, continue to eat better (do not beat yourself up if you have Ice cream instead of frozen yogurt!) exercise, and take your supplements. Ardyss International also has garments that help you to maintain your new shape. I personally see myself wearing a Body Magic forever

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