Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fasting for Release

I read Lenika Scott's blog about FASTING for release yesterday, and I was moved by her inspiration. I have fasted before, a full fast for two weeks, and I loved it. But Now that I have a demanding job, a full fast is not practical for me at this time. So i thought about it and prayed about it and dreamt about it and I have discovered the FAST I am going to do over the next 20 days!
First I have made a commitment!
I am going to Utilize my ULTRA BODY CLEANSE PLUS PACK from Ardyss International Nutrition Line.

I am going to reap the benefits of My LEVIVE from Ardyss International Nutrition line.

I am going to eliminate any form of Alcohol, no wine after work, no margaritas at the beach, no beer at a friends house... ZERO alcohol.

I am going to drink tea, and water instead.

I will not allow any added sugar, no candy, or cookies, or cake, or sweets.
I look forward to sharing with you all how I feel and what my RELEASE is.

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