Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today is a very good day

Today is a very good day. I am making much progress on the home purchase and am very excited for the next step. There have been ups and downs so far, but I have been able to push forward. Do not allow down times to derail you from your goals. Whether it be owning your first home, finishing your degree, planting a garden, planning a dream vacation, or opening your own business, you will have bumps on the way, but because you are focused and determined and grateful, you keep on pushing through. Pit falls do not trip you completely; they are met with fierce love for what you want. The universe wants you to have what you desire, as a matter of fact; it already has it waiting for you. All you desire is ready for you to have it. With that in mind, we must keep ourselves moving towards it. Everything will fall into place; your dreams will come true. I am in the process of attending college, so that I can fulfill my dreams of being a Professor of Sociology. I am at the stage of home purchase where my loan stipulations and documents have been submitted to the bank for approval. I have always maintained my positive attitude about this home, and have made every step I could to get to this point. I have great faith, that this will be my home very soon. I look forward to moving in and raising gardens. I look forward to being very content with my surroundings. I have not faltered. I have asked questions and sought advice when I needed it. I have provided all the parties with a motivated and earnest buyer. This is a very exciting time. I am already dreaming up more goals and desires. I am already deciding how I am going to live, what I will be doing, and the amount of prosperity in my life is endless. I have maintained my ability to be grateful for what I have, as a matter of fact; I believe that is why the doors open for me. Have you ever noticed that when we choose happiness for ourselves, it spreads out around us. When we finally become grateful for the things we do have, we find our lives filled with things we had only dreamed of. The thing is to dream, but not so that you are blind to your current blessings. “Wishing “we won the lottery so we could go buy a big house and fancy cars, is not dreaming. Dreaming is a creative process in our lives. We imagine what we want, we nurture the thought. Soon our actions start to move towards what we want. Then the universe kicks in and allows you to receive your treasure. We recognize the beauty of the journey and relish in its small steps, we receive with the full experience. You may come into a lot of money by chance, but if you do not have a dream, you will squander your new fortune. Get your priorities straight. Follow your heart. Do what you love. Choose happiness.

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