Wednesday, February 10, 2010

some things are important

Everyone is different. we all have a unique perspective. Everything we perceive is colored with our own thoughts and feelings. Though this be true, there are other truths, truths that connect us. You may ask, "Like what?" you may even have some ideas as to what they are. You may be like me, and on the journey of discovering what makes us happy. Some people are more receptive to this self discovery, while others are not. Some people become so toxic that they loose grip on reality, and become outwardly insane. How do we become toxic? What can we do about the level of toxicity we are exposed to in our lives? How much of it is really in our control?
I have come to some conclusions.. or theories, if you will, about toxicity in our existence.I have noticed during my life, that what i ingest (both physically and mental) manifest different reactions in my whole world. If I eat healthy foods, grow my own, stay away from too much TV news, and drink lots of pure water, I tend to be far more relaxed and focused... when I move my body, exercise it, as well, I reach even deeper into a pleasant life experience. I have noticed that when we take charge and squash doubt, we become free. Whenever I have really slowed down, and observed the process, I have enjoyed greater success in my endeavors.
The reason i am writing all of this, is because I feel that if i remind myself of my power to live the life I Desire, I keep my toxicity levels down. I laugh More, I breath better, I sleep well. Every time i decide to do all I can, and stay the course, the satisfaction level of mine and everyone around me is amplified. So I send out all the love, and faith to the whole world around me. I have deep gratitude in my heart, soul, and mind. I have no doubt! I am HAPPY!

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