Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Patience is the key stone of faith. It is a quality that we all must cultivate. We all have it, some to different degrees then others. Patience is not lazy, it is a state of meditative action. We must use our time to work towards what we desire. While we wait for our desires to manifest, we practice patience to get there. When i find my patience wearing thin, I remind myself that my only limits are my own desires. I will reap what I sow, and experince it all the time. I have no doubt that I will achieve and recieve what I set my mind and heart to. Attach good feelings to your desires, it sends the signal that escalates the process and formulates reality. I declare that I am approved for the full asking price of the home I am buying. I accept my good fortune and Love my new home. I know that everything i need to complete this process of buying to owning is available to me. I plan how i will live in tmy home, I design the gardens and paint the walls. I see myself entering my new home with my keys and exploring all of the possibilities. I envision myself living peacfully and happily in my new home with my daughter and my animals. I see myself enjoying the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. I can feel the dirt in my hands as i plant seeds and plants. I can see having family dinner night and cooking delicious healthy food in my new kitchen. I can see myself doing my school work and reaching my goals. I see myself buying additional land to make a homestead for me and my family. i will become more and more self sufficient and independant. i will grow my veggies, raise my own chickens and provide a warm home for my family. We will enjoy many nights by a beautiful camp fire. I see my home becoming better and better all the time. I see myself working on progects around the house, like building furniture. I accept my blessings and feel deep gratitude for my fortune. I AM HAPPY!

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