Friday, January 15, 2010

get the led out

I need to get the led out and shed my negative feelings. I say NO to negative influences. I cast them away! i am focusing on the positive in my life and I do not want to allow any bad things to influence me moving forward. i am determined to see this world of mine set right. I want to scream and cry, but I will not. I will sing and dance, I will smile and laugh. I am making all the right moves and making all the right decisions. I am constantly doing the right thing.All good things come to me, as i am the source of all good things. i have no doubt that my dreams are coming true. Any doubt is banished. I give no weight to what I do not want. i put all of my power into the things i do want. My dreams manifest themselves in my life every day. I am experiencing fruition of my desires. Everyday and in every way my desires come to me easily. I live the life of abundance and health. I am free! I am FREE! I have all the tools and know how to make it all happen.

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