Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am sitting here listening to ocean waves and indian meditation music wondering what is in store for me now. I have had some recent upsets lately and they are weighing heavily on my mind. primarily my goal on this earth is to lead a healthy, happy , peaceful, adventurous, spiritual life. I hope to enhance the lives of those around me in the most positive way possible. I am hearing the message , and it is telling me something that it has always told me, BE ALIVE! BE LOVE! BE PROSPERITY! BE BENEVOLENT! BE SUCCESSFUL! BE ALIVE! Now my physical world is showing me my spiritual world. I am humbly opening my eyes to the lessons I need to learn and have learnd to peacfuly walk the path I must take to achieve my personal best here in this life. the clouds are lifting and the sun is coming up over the eastern horizon. The breeze is gently bringing me the scent of new beginnings. Not totally new, for the reality of my life has always been peeking around the corner and showing me the signs I need to travel safely down my path. I am walking on that path right now, and It has been shown that i do not have to worry, I am being guided along:gently and with wisdom. The journey is beautiful and makes my heart sing. I willfully surrender to the power inside me. I give my humble thanks for this life. I no longer have any doubt: about how, or when, or why..I am. I am and will be taken care of. My dreams are always coming true, and I am blessed to realize them. <3

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