Friday, August 21, 2009


I can not sleep. I have been rolling around in my bed since midnight, I can not sleep because I am worried. I am scared and Fear has overwhelmed me. So here I am ready to write my blessings down. I am here to release my fears and grow strong in my faith. I am blessed and highly favored. I am so deeply grateful for my mind and my body: my mother, my daughter, my animal friends, my home, my garden, my friends, my opportunities, my school, my truck, my bed, my ability to sit here and write this, my senses, my sense, my ability to make all those around me happy, my ability to choose happiness when it seems others can not, my clothes, my job, my feet, my hands, my eyes, my nose, my ears, my ability to rise above opposition, my ability to suppress suppressors, my ability to find the right way, my ability to walk the right path, my ability to seek and gain wisdom, my ability to love and be loved, my ability to reach out, my ability to receive all of the blessings that i have had and will have. I am banishing all of the negative little monsters that are trying to steal the life from me. I WILL NOT FALL, I WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO THE DEMONS, I WILL NOT ALLOW THE DARKNESS TO OVER TAKE ME!. I am RECEIVING AND ALLOWING MIRACLES TO MANIFEST IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! and FOR THAT i AM DEEPLY HONORED AND BLESSED. i AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF THESE THINGS!!!

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