Monday, June 22, 2009


There is something to be said about gardening. Especially if you actually enjoy it.
There is this tremedous feeling that you may actually be part of the world. We can plant a seed and watch it grow into a beautiful flower, tree, vegetable or fruit. We can benefit from our plants in ways that some of us don't even think of. If we plant flowers, we contribute to the health of bees and birds. Not only are they beautiful and bring a sence of calm to your soul, they provide a serene aroma that can take you into relaxation and calm. The trees help us to breath, provide shelter for thousand of differnt life forms, supporting a healthy ecosystem. Vegiies actually feed you and sometimes your friends. It is amazing to gather your own veggies from your own garden. The whole world benefits from that. Your health is greatly benefitted by home grown food. it has vbeen proven to be signifigantly higher in nutrients if you grow locally grown veggies. What could be more local than from your own yard. Gardens can be grown in buckets on patios, front yard, back yard, community garden plots. In your window or Green house! There is a sence of HOPE that comes from know the fruits of your labor are yours to enjoy and share. I am blessed and highly favored! I LOVE my garden!

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