Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Journey to Health 1/27/2009

I am 37 years old an I am on a quest for personal health. My daughter is on this quest also. We are both over weight and live a pretty sedentary life. Slowly over the last few months we have made steps to changing our life and our habits. I decided to create a blog about our progress as a tool to keep track and to inspire others to make changes in their own lives.I am implementing the tools I learned in 'The Secret' by Ronda Byrne.

Here I will state what I believe Health is;

1~ Physical health... a strong, flexible body free of sickness.

2~Mental Health...positive outlook, constant learning, focus.

3~Material Health... the ability to be thankful for the materials we have and the materials we gain.

4~Spiritual Health...Faith

5~Social Health...networking with peers, the ability to stay away from 'Naysayers'

6~Financial Health...ability to prioritize money matters and reduce unnessesary spending, WEALTH

7~Civic health...Volunteering, tithing, recycling.

The steps we have made...

1~Started a Vegie Garden. this step involvesat least 6 of the previous steps. It provides exercise, healthy organic food for our body. It reqiures patience and learning. Gives a sence of acomplishment and helps us be thankfull for what we have. Helps us save money that would be spent on less healthy grocery items. Civic health it also afected because we are not useing gas to travel to the store to by veggies, no one needs to use gas to get them to the store, provides an excellent place for our organic food waste.

2~I stopped drinking beer daily. I enjoy my beer very much but was feeling the affects on my health and my body. Now I only drink on occation, not daily. This helps me cope with life more realistically, no hiding behind a six pack! LOL . This step helps at least six of the steps of health. My mind id clear and I can learn and communicate more intelligently. I have more energy. I have more Money. I produce less garbage. I can focus more on healthy friendship interactions.

3~We have started to eat less and incorperate more health foods in our diet. We have givin up Fast Food. I know pack my lunch. This reduces spending and also reduses the profit of the fast food industry. If you look around you can find some of the ugly truths about that industry. i highly suggest watchin "Supersize Me".

4~We started doing Yoga and Pliates. This helps me prevent injury and feel less body pain. My Daughter is already seeing an decrese in body fat and is improving her body shape.

5~I am keeping a balanced checkbook and plan on keeping it that way. I practice envisioning myself with more than enough money to do anything I want.

6~I enrolled full time in college to attain my dgree in Education.


I am Aproximately 5'4"

I wiegh 215 pounds

I wear a size 20 Jeans

I smoke

I work too hard for too little money

MY GOAL~Long Term

loose 90 pounds of Fat

Be a non Smoker

Graduate with Honors

Get paid well for work I love

Febuary's Goals

1~Loose ten pounds of Fat

2~Do my best in any situation, I belive of life we have to the best we can with where we are right NOW.

3~Practice yoga more, walk more, meditate more.

4~Give up softdrinks all together

5~care for my garden and home.

6~maintain a positive outlook and be a fantastic role model for my daughter.

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