Thursday, January 29, 2009

Junuary 29,2009

Today is Thursday January 29,2009
I woke at 8am and went straight to work. I did 30 minutes of Anusara Yoga. Elena Brower was the instructor. What I do is go as long as I can in a video, always excited about going just a bit more that i thought I could. Soon I would like to be doing a complete hour of yoga at least 4 times a week. I also enjoy Sean Corn. I like Pilate's also. I have been watching closely what i eat. Trying to keep my meal sizes down so that i don't feel full and disgusting!! The more I focus in my mind the ideal body for myself, I find it easier to say 'No' to things I may not have before. I want a strong body that is free of pain. I find that on the days I do yoga I have much less body pain. I weighed myself and i am at 213!! WOOT WOOT!! I also cut out some pics of strong women to make a 'Goal Board'. This will help me visualize my new body and how I want it to look.

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